• 30 Day Attribution Window / Cookie Duration
  • Minimum (and competitive) 10% commission on all sales attributed to you
  • Permanent Prometheus discount
  • Easy to use affiliate dashboard

High Performing Affiliates receive regular store credit and higher commission percentages

How Does This Work?


Follow @prometheus.mythic on Instagram. Apply here.

All applications/sign-ups will be reviewed. We'll email you with a welcome email if accepted into the program.


Create and share content showing off the Prometheus products and message to your followers, friends, and family. Send them your unique link and code to get proper credit.

Use #prometheusaffiliate so we can see what you create!


Get paid in monthly increments for any sales credited to you!


How do I know if my application is accepted?

After applying, you'll receive an email of us confirming your application. After acceptance, you'll receive another email from us with all the information you need!

How can I link sales to me?

Two methods:

Share your uniquely generated link with others, or

Share your uniquely generated and assigned discount code.

What is the minimum payout amount?

We save payouts until a minimum of $15 has been credited to you. Once you're at that point, you can request a payout, and we'll approve it.

Otherwise, you'll be paid once per month.

What countries can join this program?

Currently, we only support affiliates in the United States. We will expand soon.

Will I get free clothes?

Unfortunately, we don't have the funds to dole out free clothes. We would love to, and plan on doing this in the future.

As an incentive, high performing afiliates do receive store credit and higher commissions.